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Special Guests

We all have a story to tell and a life we live but sometimes all it takes is someone to pull it out of you and share it with the world that takes your story and makes it our story.

Meg Glesener

Letters From Home Podcast

Meg was such a blessing we think of her more as a “Chili Bean” mother more than just another guest.  She has created a podcast that focusses on interview people and the extraordinary events that the Lord has brought them through and does it with the compassion only a mother of many has.


Joel and Troy

Revived Thoughts

Joel and Troy met in Bible college years ago and were always connected by ideas of wanting to change the world. When they realized that there was no one actively converting old sermons into audio, they thought this was their big idea. But as they worked with the project more this became less about a big idea and more about a labor of love.


Neil Matthews

Other People’s Shoes

Neil has always wanted to know the Why? Whenever he is speaking with anyone he wants to know what is behind their action and to know their heart. He has always wanted to be in Other People’s Shoes to be able to understand where they come from, and maybe be able to help them out.